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Program Options

  • $ 100   A. Program listing showing your support, including business/name and location or website. 
  • $ 250  B. 1/8 page program ad, and mention on Arkansas CMA Facebook page. 
  • $ 350  C. 1/4 page ad, and mention on Arkansas CMA Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 
  • $ 500  D. 1/2 page ad, official mention on all social media pages, inclusion in one email blast. 

Sponsorship Form


  • Silver – VIP Sponsor - $1,000 Stage mention during Arkansas Country Music Awards event, 3/4 program advertisement,  year round listing at, includes two email blasts, mention on all Arkansas CMA  social media pages, and 2 VIP seats with red carpet credentials.

  • Gold – Red Carpet Sponsor (limited availability) - $2,500 Logo placement on VIP “Step and Repeat” (logo wall) on the red carpet; Stage mention  during Arkansas Country Music Awards event, 1/2 page program ad, year round listing at, includes six email blasts, mention on all @ArkansasCMA social media pages  (including video), 4 VIP red carpet passes. 

  • Platinum – Stage Sponsor (limited availability) - $5,000 STAGE SPONSOR AND VIP PLACEMENT: Stage graphics with your logo included; Logo  placement on VIP Step and Repeat (logo wall) on the red carpet; Presented formally on stage as  Platinum Sponsor; 1 full page program ad; Year round listing at; Includes all  email blasts and mentions on all @ArkansasCMA social media pages; 6 VIP red carpet passes;  Included in later television airing; One business representative may co-present one award during  the evening (to be assigned). 

  • DIAMOND – Signature Sponsor - INQUIRE NOW (only one availabile) “Arkansas Country Music Awards brought to you by [Your logo]” Title Sponsor of the later  airing on television; Includes custom red carpet VIP Step and Repeat (logo wall); Logo/name  added to billboard(s) along the interstate; Company graphics on stage; Year- round placement on  the website and social media pages, inclusion in all email blasts; logo added to all promotional  materials, full back page of program; One business representative (at a time) may co- present  three awards during the evening (to be assigned); Seating for 15 in VIP on the front row. 

* Current members of the Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce will recieve 5% off Silver, Gold, and Platinum sponsorship levels.

Sponsorship Form

Download the sponsorship form below for the June 3rd event.

Sponsorship Packet - Download to Print the PDF:

You may download and print the form below.

Arkansas CMA 2019 Sponsorship (pdf)


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